Help Desk Operator



This course is intended for personnel who will be responsible for conducting day-to-day Commvault® software administrative activities.


Introducing a comprehensive review of Commvault® software design and methodologies. This self-paced eLearning course provides conceptual explanations of CommCell® components including the CommServe® server, MediaAgents, Clients, and Storage Policies. Each lesson explains the navigation and customization of the CommCell console, backup and recovery processes, how to run and schedule jobs, view job histories, and various methods to recover data.

Upon completion of this eLearning course you will be able to:

  • List and explain the various components that make up a CommCell environment
  • Navigate and customize the CommCell console
  • Execute and schedule data protection and recovery operations
  • Understand the basic concepts of Storage Policies and retention
  • Manage tape media in logical and physical media pools
  • View and create reports and alerts

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