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Cisco Carrier Routing System Hardware Overview



This course is intended for network professionals, including designers, implementation staff, network operations center personnel, and support staff, who are involved with the deployment, operations, and maintenance of Carrier Routing Systems.


There are no listed prerequisites for this course.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the Cisco Carrier Routing System
  • List the physical design characteristics of line cards and chassis
  • Enumerate the line card chassis and how they differ
  • Explore the commonalities between chassis
  • Describe how data flows across a chassis
  • Explain how these routers are powered
  • Explain what a performance route processor is
  • Explain what a switch fabric is
  • Give examples of how line cards work and what kinds are available
  • Define what a multishelf architecture is and how it works
  • Explain how quality of service is implemented on the CRS


The Cisco® Carrier Routing System (CRS) Hardware Overview course introduces you to the Cisco CRS-1, CRS-3, and CRS-X carrier routing systems' hardware features and functions. You will learn the important hardware concepts on which the carrier routing system solution is based and gain the practical knowledge and skills to successfully deploy these on your network. Additionally, you will be able to verify correct operation of various CRS hardware components, including line card chassis, switch fabric, route processors, and physical layer interface modules (PLIMs).

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