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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Repetitive Manufacturing with Kanban 9.0 (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • End users
  • Project managers


  • A working knowledge of shop floor management
  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Items and Supplies Rel 9.0

Course Objectives

  • Set up work centers and production lines
  • Set up and process rate schedules and item demand
  • Schedule and sequence rate schedules
  • Complete rate schedules
  • Process work using lean execution
  • Process kanban transaction by item
  • Manage kanban capacity
  • Describe repetitive execution
  • Describe lean execution
  • Describe kanban processing
  • Set up repetitive manufacturing elements
  • Set up kanban processing elements

Product Description

  • Describing Repetitive and Lean Execution With Kanban Processing
    • Describing Shop Floor Management Business Processes
    • Describing repetitive manufacturing principles
    • Describing lean manufacturing principles
    • Describing kanban processing principles
  • Describing the Primary Setup of Shop Floor Management
  • Setting Up Constants and Manufacturing Data for Items for Repetitive and Lean Execution
    • Setting Up Branch/Plant Constants
    • Setting Up Manufacturing Constants
    • Describing Item Data Setup
    • Defining Repetitive Items
  • Setting Up Repetitive and Lean Manufacturing Features
    • Setting Up Work Centers and Production Lines
    • Generating Resource Units
    • Setting Up Bills of Materials and Routings
    • Setting Up Line-Item Relationships
  • Processing Repetitive Manufacturing Transactions
    • Setting Up Rate Schedules and Item Demand
    • Scheduling Rates on Production Lines
    • Sequencing Rate Schedules
    • Completing Rate Schedules
  • Processing Work Using Lean Execution
    • Creating and Preprocessing Daily Plans
    • Completing Lean Items
  • Describing Kanban Processing
    • Describing Kanban Management Principles
    • Describing How to Use Kanbans With Repetitive Execution
  • Setting Up Kanban Management Attributes
    • Setting Up Kanban Master Records
    • Setting Up Kanban Calculation Methods
    • Defining Kanban Calculation Parameters
    • Generating Kanbans
  • Processing Kanban Transactions by Item
    • Checking Out and Checking In Kanbans
    • Adding Ad Hoc Kanban Records
  • Processing Transactions for Kanban Management
    • Managing Kanban Capacity
    • Creating Multi-Tiered Kanbans
Price (excl. tax)

351.- €