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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Employees and Jobs 9.0 (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Project managers
  • Business analysts
  • End users


  • Common Foundation Rel 8.11

Course Objectives

  • Activate system and company options.
  • Identify payroll system constants.
  • Set up pay information
  • Create employee records.
  • Create automatic deposit instructions.
  • Assign DBA instructions
  • Set up Supplemental Data.
  • Set up and modify employee history and turnover.
  • Set up mail merge templates.
  • Run point-in-time employee master reports.
  • Identify system controls

Product Description

  • Employees and jobs Overview
    • Identifying system integrations
  • Describing general system setup
    • Identifying system controls
    • Identifying payroll system constant
  • Setting up pay information
    • Setting up pay grades
    • Setting up pay grade steps
    • Setting up pay rate tables
  • Define job master information
    • Entering job information
    • Assigning job supplemental information
  • Defining employee compensation
  • Hiring employees
    • Creating employee records one at a time
    • Creating employee records using the quick hire method
  • Setting up additional employee information
    • Assigning DBA instructions
    • Entering labor distribution instructions
  • Setting up supplemental data
    • Setting narrative data types
    • Setting up code data types
  • Revising employee information
    • Revising employee information manually
    • Revising employee information automatically
  • Define employee history and turnover
    • Setting up employee history and turnover
    • Modifying employee history and turnover
  • Create employee mail merge letters
  • Running employee reports
Price (excl. tax)

702.- €