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Oracle Database 11g: Java Development (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Database administrators
  • End users

Course Objectives

  • Identify and use enhancements added to OracleJVM Utilities
  • Identify and use OracleJVM support for JDK 1.5 introduced in Oracle Database 11g
  • Identify the benefits and use OracleJVMs usability features
  • Identify and use new features added in the JDBC 4.0 specification using Oracle Database 11g
  • Identify and use latest database features introduced in Oracle Database 11g that enhance JDBC usage

Product Description

  • Enhancements in OracleJVM
    • Support for JDK 1.5
    • Native Compilation in 10g
    • OracleJVM JIT Configuration
    • Using OJVM Command-Line Interface
    • Database Resident JAR
    • Redirecting Output on the Server
    • Setting System Properties
    • URL Support for loadjava
  • Support for JDBC 4.0 Standard
    • Wrapper Pattern Support
    • Support for New Data Types: java.sql.RowId
    • Support for LOB Data
    • Exception Enhancement: Chained Exception
    • Enhanced support for JDBC RowSets
    • Support for All Joins in JoinRowSet
    • Connection Enhancement
    • Enhancements to PreparedStatement
  • Support for the Latest Database Features
    • Database Startup and Shutdown via JDBC
    • JDBC Support for ANYTYPE and ANYDATA
    • Oracle Advance Queuing: Introduction
    • JDBC Support for Native Streams AQ Protocol
    • JDBC-Thin Support for Oracle Advanced Security
    • Strong Authentication using Kerberos
    • Strong Authentication Using RADIUS
    • Database Change Notification: Overview
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