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Oracle Database 11g: Performance (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Database administrators
  • End users

Course Objectives

  • Describe enhancements to locking mechanisms
  • Use the enhanced PL/SQL recompilation mechanism
  • Create and use invisible indexes
  • Describe Adaptive Cursor Sharing
  • Manage your SPFILE
  • Improve memory usage by caching result sets
  • Discuss LOB improvements using SecureFiles

Product Description

  • Performance New Features
    • Foreground Statistics
    • Online Redefinition Enhancements
    • Minimizing Dependent Recompilations
    • PL/SQL and Java Native Compilation Enhancements
    • Temporary Tablespace Shrink
    • Adaptive Cursor Sharing: Overview & Architecture
    • Easier Recovery from Loss of SPFILE
  • Using Result Caches
    • SQL Query Result Cache: Overview
    • Setting Up SQL Query Result Cache
    • Managing the SQL Query Result Cache
    • SQL Query Result Cache: Consideration
    • OCI Client Query Cache
    • PL/SQL Function Cache
    • Using PL/SQL Function Cache
    • PL/SQL Function Cache: Considerations
  • Oracle SecureFiles
    • Managing Enterprise Information
    • Problems with Existing LOB Implementation
    • Enabling SecureFiles Storage
    • SecureFiles Advanced Features
    • Creating SecureFiles
    • Accessing SecureFiles Metadata
    • Migrating to SecureFiles
    • SecureFiles Demonstration
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