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JD Edwards EnterpriseOne CNC Foundation Rel 8.98 (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Technical consultants
  • Database administrators


  • Basic understanding of how to use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Course Objectives

  • Understand the purpose of CNC
  • Describe CNC architecture
  • Describe JD Edwards EnterpriseOne middleware
  • Configure a typical CNC implementation
  • Change a typical CNC implementation
  • Create a path code
  • Create a data source
  • Map objects to data sources
  • Create an environment using Environment Director
  • Understand the purpose of role profiles
  • Understand the purpose of user profiles
  • Define how roles, user IDs, and environments work together

Product Description

  • Describe CNC Technology
    • Describe the Purpose of CNC
    • Discuss the Advantages of Using CNC
    • Describe the CNC Architecture
  • Describe Middleware and Server Manager
    • Discuss Middleware
    • Describe JDENET
    • Describe JDENET Processing
    • Describe JDENET on Various Platforms
    • Describe JDEBASE
    • Discuss Server Manager
  • Describe User Sign-On Process
    • Describe User Security
    • Discuss Data and Logic Requests
  • Describe a Typical CNC Configuration
    • Describe a Typical Customer Configuration
    • Change a Typical CNC Setup
  • Create Path Codes
    • Describe Path Code Setup
    • Create Path Codes
  • Create Data Sources
    • Describe Data Sources
    • Describe Database Structures
    • Create Data Sources
    • Set Up Data Source Reports
  • Use Object Configuration Manager
    • Describe OCM
    • Define OCM Mappings
    • Run OCM Reports
  • Set Up Environments
    • Define Environments
    • Run Environment Director
  • Describe User Roles and Profiles
    • Discuss User Roles and Profiles
    • Implement User Accounts and Roles
Price (excl. tax)

175.- €