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BI Publisher for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Rel 8.98 Update 1 (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Business analysts
  • Technical consultants


  • Working knowledge of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Course Objectives

  • Create customized reports using BI Publisher
  • Produce different types of output from one report
  • Manage BI Publisher output
  • Configure BI Publisher for interactive reporting

Product Description

  • Understanding BI Publisher
    • Describing BI Publisher
    • Describing Embedded BI Publisher reports
    • Describing Interactive BI Publisher reports
  • Designing BI Publisher Templates
    • Describing BI Publisher templates
    • Designing templates with BI Publisher Template Builder
    • Describing translations, localized templates, and transformations
  • Creating BI Publisher Objects
    • Uploading templates to create BI Publisher objects
    • Adding translations and localizations
    • Modifying template objects
  • Creating Report Definitions
    • Creating report definition objects
    • Defining output types and languages
    • Defining bursting and delivery methods
    • Modifying report definitions
    • Describing BI Publisher and Object Management Workbench integration
  • Submitting Report Definitions
    • Submitting report definitions from the Report Definitions application
  • Associating Report Definitions with Batch Versions
    • Associating a report definition with a batch version
  • Submitting Report Definitions from the Batch Versions Application
    • Submitting report definitions from Batch Versions
  • Monitoring Report Definition Processing
    • Describing the Report Definitions Job Control Search form
    • Accessing report definition jobs from View Submitted Jobs
  • Utilizing Report Definition Output
    • Viewing report definition source
    • Describing the Report Definition Output Repository (P95630)
    • Viewing report definition output
    • Viewing report definition output delivery details
    • Republishing report definition output
  • Managing Report Definition Output
    • Setting up security for report definition jobs and output
    • Deleting UBE and report definition output
    • Archiving BI Publisher report definition output
  • Generating an XML Data File
    • Describing the template creation process
    • Creating and uploading a blank RTF template
    • Creating a report definition
    • Generating an XML data file
    • Downloading XML data
    • Designing the RTF template
    • Uploading the final RTF template
  • Configuring Oracle BI Publisher for Interactive Reporting
    • Describing Interactive BI Publisher reports
    • Configuring Oracle BI Publisher Enterprise to access JD Edwards EnterpriseOne data
  • Converting 8.96 XML Publisher Templates
    • Describing XML output after Release 8.96
    • Converting 8.96 templates to the 8.98 BI Publisher format
Price (excl. tax)

175.- €