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Siebel 8.1.x Installation and System Administration (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Developers
  • Technical consultants

Course Objectives

  • Configure alternative authentication mechanisms, such as LDAP, within a Siebel Enterprise
  • Install and configure a Siebel Enterprise with one or more Siebel Servers and languages
  • Install and configure additional Siebel CRM components, such as the Siebel Management Agent and Server, Siebel Tools, and the Siebel Developer Web client
  • Adjust application parameters to improve performance
  • Manage a Siebel Enterprise by modifying component parameters and editing configuration files
  • Migrate application customizations from one Siebel 8.1 Enterprise to another
  • Monitor a Siebel Enterprise by examining log and performance information files

Product Description

  • Installing a Siebel Enterprise
    • Installation Considerations
    • Installing the Siebel Gateway Name Server
    • Installing the Siebel Database
    • Installing a Siebel Server
    • Installing the Siebel Web Server Extension
    • Configuring Other Authentication Mechanisms
  • Installing Additional Server Components
    • Installing the Siebel Management Agent and Server
  • Installing Client Components
    • Installing the Siebel Developer or Mobile Web Client
    • Installing Siebel Tools
  • Additional Configuration
    • Configuring Multiple Servers in an Enterprise
    • Adding a Language to an Enterprise
  • Architecture and Configuration
    • The Siebel Architecture
    • Components and Parameters
    • Server Management
    • Using the Server Manager Command-Line Interface
    • Configuration Files
  • System Monitoring
    • System Logging and Event Notification
    • Gathering Diagnostic Information
    • SARMQuery
  • Additional Configuration
    • Managing High-Interactivity Clients
  • Migration
    • Introducing Application Deployment Manager (ADM)
    • Installing and Configuring ADM
    • Exporting and Packaging Application Customizations
    • Deploying Application Customizations
  • Performance
    • Performance Considerations
Price (excl. tax)

1,754.- €