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Getting Started with the Java Persistence API, Java EE 5, (Self-Study Course)



  • Web Component Development with Servlet and JSP Technologies (SL-314-EE5)
  • Java Programming Language, Java SE 6

Course Objectives

  • Create an enterprise application using NetBeans
  • Create a persistence unit for an application
  • Create entity classes to represent your data
  • Store and retrieve data using an entity manager
  • Retrieve data using Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
  • Create entity relationships using the JPA

Product Description

  • Getting Started
    • Create an enterprise application with NetBeans
    • Analyze your data model
  • Set Up Your Data
    • Create a database using Java DB
    • Create the persistence init using a JPA persistence provider
    • Create a Student entity class
  • Build the Application
    • Define interfaces to be used by the session bean
    • Create a session bean to manage your entity class
    • Implement CRUD operations using JPA
    • Retrieve data using JPQL queries
    • Connect the session bean to a web interface
    • Deploy and test the application
  • Add a 1-to-1 Relationship to the Data Model
    • Create an Address entity class
    • Add an annotation to define a 1-to-1 unidirectional relationship
    • Refactor your code to implement the changes
  • Add a 1-to-Many Relationship to the Data Model
    • Create a Dorm entity class
    • Add annotations to define a 1-to-many bidirectional relationship
    • Refactor your code to implement the changes
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