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Oracle Database 11g: Security (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Database administrators


  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I DBA Release 2

Course Objectives

  • Restrict network access using firewalls and Oracle Connection Manager, and to limit user operations with SQL *Plus
  • Apply security policies and practices, choose security solutions, and configure the Management Agent and credentials
  • Recognize how Oracle Database 11g can be configured for maximum security
  • Utilize the auditing tools and techniques available in Oracle Database 11g
  • Recognize authentication methods and to configure authentication in Oracle Database 11g
  • Recognize the set up and implement Enterprise User security and proxy authentication in oracle database 11g
  • Increase database security by using, privileges, roles and applications contexts
  • Utilize Virtual Private Database in Oracle Database 11g
  • Utilize Oracle Label Security and the Oracle Data Masking Pack with Oracle Database 11g
  • Utilize encryption methods in Oracle Database 11g
  • Utilize Transparent Data Encryption and Recovery Manager encrypted backups in Oracle Database 11g
  • Configure Net Security and listeners in Oracle Database 11g

Product Description

  • Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to Database Security and Solutions
    • Oracle Database 11g: Security Requirements
    • Data Integrity and Access Control
  • Oracle Database 11g: Database Security
    • Database Security Settings
  • Oracle Database 11g: Database Auditing
    • Database Auditing
  • Oracle Database 11g: Basic User and Strong Authentication
    • Using Authentication
  • Oracle Database 11g: Enterprise User Security and Proxy Authentication
    • Enterprise User Security and Proxy Authentication
  • Oracle Database 11g: Privileges, Roles, and Application Contexts
    • Privileges, Roles, and Application Contexts
  • Oracle Database 11g: Virtual Private Database
    • Implementing Virtual Private Database
  • Oracle Database 11g: Oracle Label Security and the Data Masking Pack
    • Oracle Label Security
    • The Data Masking Pack
  • Oracle Database 11g: Encryption Concepts
    • Encryption Concepts
  • Oracle Database 11g: Transparent Data Encryption
    • Transparent Data Encryption
    • File Encryption
  • Oracle Database 11g: Oracle Net Services and Listener Security
    • Oracle Net Services
    • Listener Security
  • Oracle Database 11g: Firewalls, Oracle Connection Manager, and SQL*Plus Security
    • Using Oracle Connection Manager as a Firewall
    • SQL*Plus Security
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