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Oracle Database 11g: Develop PL/SQL Program Units (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Database designers
  • Database administrators
  • Forms developers
  • PL/SQL developers
  • Technical consultants

Course Objectives

  • Identify the steps for designing, debugging, invoking, and bundling PL/SQL subprograms, procedures and functions, and also for handling their exceptions
  • Recognize the steps for creating and using efficient PL/SQL packages, including Oracle-supplied packages, executing dynamic SQL, and improving the performance of code
  • Identify the steps for creating, managing, and using database triggers, and for using the new PL/SQL compiler, its initialization parameters, and its compile time warnings
  • Identify the steps for performing conditional compilation to selectively use PL/SQL code, wrapping code, and tracking dependencies

Product Description

  • Oracle Database 11g: Subprograms, Packages, and Exception Handling in PL/SQL
    • Using Subprograms and Handling Exceptions
    • Using Functions, Creating Packages, and Debugging
  • Oracle Database 11g: Packages, Dynamic SQL, and Coding Considerations in PL/SQL
    • Using Packages and Dynamic SQL
    • Coding Considerations in PL/SQL
  • Oracle Database 11g: Using Triggers, the PL/SQL Compiler, and Managing Code
    • Working with Triggers in PL/SQL
    • Using the PL/SQL Compiler and Managing Code
  • Oracle Database 11g: Managing PL/SQL Code and Dependencies
    • PL/SQL Code and Dependency Management
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