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XML Publisher for PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Rel 8.48 (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Technical consultants


  • Experience with report writing

Course Objectives

  • Set up XML Publisher for PeopleSoft applications
  • Create and register data source
  • Create templates
  • Define XML Publisher reports
  • Run and view XML Publisher reports
  • Describe XML Publisher

Product Description

    • Describing XML Publisher
    • Describing XML Publisher Phases
    • Describing Optional Features
    • Describing Sources of Information for XML Publisher
  • Setting Up XML Publisher
    • Defining XML Publisher Settings
    • Setting Up XML Publisher Permissions
    • Setting Up Report Manager
    • Report Manager Service Operations
    • Activate Service Operations
    • Report Manager Roles
    • Defining Report Categories
    • Downloading Design Plug-ins
  • Creating and Registering Data Sources
    • Describing Data Sources
    • Creating Query Data Source
    • Identifying or Creating the Source of Your Report Data
    • Registering Data Sources
    • Register a Query Source
    • Create a Rowset Data Source
    • Create an XMLDOC Object
  • Creating Templates
    • Describing Template Types
    • Creating RFT Templates
    • Designing RTF Templates with a Table
    • Creating and Maintaining Reusable Sub-Template Definitions
    • Adding a Sub-Template
    • Working with PDF Files
  • Defining XML Publisher Reports
    • Describing Report Definitions
    • Creating a Report Definition
    • Creating an Additional Report Definition
    • Creating a Report Definition Based on PDF Template
    • Bursting
    • Using Content Library
    • Regeristing Sub-Template
    • Using Translations
  • Running and Viewing Reports
    • Running Reports in Query Report Viewer
    • Scheduling PS Query Reports
    • Locating and Viewing XML Publisher Reports
    • Run Query Reports Scheduler
    • Update Report Parameters
    • Update XMLP Report Search Criteria
    • Running Reports From and Using PeopleCode
    • Running Reports from Application Engine Programs
Price (excl. tax)

702.- €