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Navigating Siebel 8.0 Applications (Self-Study Course)


Who should attend

  • Sales consultants
  • Technical consultants
  • End users
  • Business analysts
  • Database administrators
  • Web administrators

Course Objectives

  • Start the Siebel Application
  • Understand the Siebel User Interface
  • Navigate the Siebel Application
  • Use iHelp
  • Navigate Records
  • Create and Modify Records
  • Filter and Sort Records
  • Adjust Columns
  • Use Queries, Query Operators and the Query Assistant
  • Generate Reports
  • Use Quick Print
  • Export Data
  • Create Charts
  • Create a Siebel Bookmark
  • Send an Email

Product Description

  • Starting the Siebel Application
    • Access and log in to a Siebel application
    • Customize your home page to meet your unique preferences
  • Understanding the Siebel User Interface
    • Apply the Siebel concept of screens and views to find and store information to perform your daily tasks
  • Navigating the Siebel Application
    • Use navigation tools to find and sort data quickly and efficiently
  • Using iHelp Tutorials
    • Use iHelp to guide with task completion
  • Navigating Records
    • Navigate among records and fields
  • Creating and Modifying Records
    • Create, modify and save record
  • Filtering and Sorting Records
    • Filter and sort a list of records
  • Working with Columns
    • Modify displayed columns
  • Using Queries
    • Run predefined queries
    • Create and save own queries
  • Using Query Operators
    • Apply common operators to target record sets
  • Using Query Assistant
    • Use Query Assistant to guide you through creating a query
  • Generating Reports
    • Generate standard reports
  • Using Quick Print
  • Exporting Data
    • Export data in choice of multiple formats
  • Working with Charts
    • Create, drill down into, and copy charts
  • Creating a Bookmark
    • Create and share Siebel bookmarks
  • Sending Email Messages
    • Send email message from Siebel application
Price (excl. tax)

351.- €