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Process Modeling with IBM Business Process Manager Standard-Adv V8.5.6


Who should attend

This course is designed for project members who design executable business process definitions. These roles include process owners, BPM analysts, BPM authors, BPM developers, BPM administrators, and BPM project managers.


Before taking this course, you should have experience with modern programming techniques.

Product Description

An updated version of this course is available. For more information, Process Modeling with IBM Business Process Manager Standard V8.5.7 (ZB822G).

This course is also available as classroom course Process Modeling with IBM Business Process Manager Standard-Adv V8.5.6 (WB818G).

This course integrates training in business process management (BPM) methods and process modeling with IBM Business Process Manager V8.5.6. You learn core process modeling skills and the project development approach. These skills improve the speed and quality of process definition creation efforts.

IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive BPM environment that provides the visibility and insight that is required to effectively manage the business processes of an organization. The course begins with an overview of business process management, emphasizing the concepts of reuse, ease of maintenance, and high-quality development strategies. You create a simple case by using the browser-based tools, and use the IBM Business Process Manager Process Designer to create a business process definition (BPD) from business requirements that are identified during process analysis. You learn how to make team collaboration more efficient by enabling all team members to use standard Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) elements.

The course uses an interactive learning environment, with hands-on demonstrations and class activities to reinforce concepts and check understanding. Lab exercises throughout the course provide hands-on experience with BPM tasks and skills. This course is intended to be collaborative, and you can work in teams to complete class activities.

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Course introductionIntroduction to business process managementIntroduction to IBM Business Process ManagerPlayback 0: Modeling the as-is business processExercise: Playback 0: Creating a casePlayback 0: Modeling the to-be business processExercise: Playback 0: Creating a process applicationPlayback 0: Modeling process flowExercise: Playback 0: Controlling process flowPlayback 0: Building consensusExercise: Validating the process modelCourse summary

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