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Strategic Management Programme (SPFK)


Who should attend

  • Managers with many years of practical experience who want to learn about the latest findings in strategic management
  • Executives who want to obtain new impetus for their current strategic challenges and who want to implement this knowledge effectively with their employees
  • Ambitious executives and practitioners who critically question their existing strategic know-how and want to expand upon it
  • Managers who are faced with taking on a position with strategic responsibilities or who have recently taken such responsibilities on
  • In-house consultants and employees from departments that need to look to the future. For example, business development, marketing and innovation management.

Course Objectives

The “Strategic Management Programme” offers cutting-edge and practical knowledge for results-based strategic management. During the programme, you will deal with the core issues of successful management: strategy and implementation. It is all about the lasting and difficult-to-copy competitive advantage that comes as a result of strategic competence, authentic leadership and flexibility. Make yourself and your company fit for the increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Course Content

Strategy and Securing the Future
  • The relationship between vision, mission and strategy
  • Why strategy is so often misunderstood
  • Varieties of strategy development
  • Sensible strategy processes
Strategic Analysis - Identifying the Need for Action
  • A look at neighbouring systems: environmental, customer and competitor analysis
  • The inside view - core competencies and resources
  • Useful analysis tools from practical experience
  • How to identify the need for action and course corrections
Shaping the Future - Development of Strategy Options
  • Why thinking in terms of options is so important
  • How to design policy options
  • Why the employees have to be involved
  • What differentiates good strategy options from utopian plans
  • Plausibility checks to avoid dangerous mistakes
Promising Strategy Formulation
  • Requirements for successful strategy formulation
  • Methods and tools for strategy formulation
  • Applying strategic plans to budgets and targets
  • Best practices and case studies
Structures and Implementation
  • Strategy, structure, culture: the relationship
  • The pros and cons of modern organisational structures
  • Why structures are so difficult to change
  • Structures as a means to an end
Your Own Role in the Implementation Process
  • Your own responsibility and role in the implementation of changes
  • The nature of your leadership during the implementation of changes
  • Soft skills as a key factor
  • Communication during change processes
  • Work-life balance in stressful situations, such as change
Change Management and Leadership
  • What triggers change and what are the opportunities?
  • Only goal-oriented change management can be successful
  • Change concepts in practice: from reorganization and transformation to a learning organization
  • Factors for successful change management
  • How implementation expertise takes shape
Psychology of Change
  • Basic patterns of change and experiencing change
  • Clear communication of goals, involvement of top management
  • Stakeholder participation, helping you to help yourself
  • Guarantee success!
  • A goal-oriented approach to dealing with conflict, bringing key people on board
  • Managing active and passive objectors successfully
Classroom Training

Duration 4 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Germany: 8,400.- €
  • Switzerland: CHF 9,900.-


09/11/2020 ― 12/11/2020 Berlin Course language: English 2. Teil: 2021
18/11/2020 ― 20/11/2020 Berlin 3 days 2. Teil: 25.11. - 27.11.2020 in Berlin
3. Teil: 01.12. - 04.12.2020 in München