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NetScaler 10.5 for XenDesktop / Xenapp 7.6 Install, Configure, Manage (Best Practice) (NSICM)

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Who should attend

This course is employees responsible for implementing and administering a NetScaler solution.

Course Objectives

The Citrix NetScaler is one of the most modern ADC Controller (Application Delivery Controller) to enable users secure access to mobile and web applications. In this course the students will learn the necessary and powerful features of the NetScaler, like ApplicationSecurity, Performance & LoadBalancing to successfully implement and configure the NetScaler 12.x solution in a XenDesktop -/ XenApp 7.1x environment. More topics include monitoring and secure access to critical data. Students will have access to a NetScaler Lab to deepen the theoretical content in various lab excercises.

Course Content

  • Deployment scenarios of the NetScaler
  • NetScaler platforms
  • Basic NetScaler architecture
  • NetScaler licensing
  • One - or Two Arm Mode
  • Certificates and SSL
  • Netscaler Gateway
  • Netscaler Gateway integration with Storefront or web interface for remote access
  • Methods of authentification
  • Controlling access to resources
  • NetScaler high availability (HA)
  • Load Balancing (Storefront, Delivery Controller, XML, TFTP)
  • Global Site Load Balancing
  • Endpoint analysis scans
  • NetScaler monistoring and reporting
  • NetScaler Insight Center as monitoring tool of a XenDesktop environment
  • Identification of functionality of a Netscaler SDX platform
  • Best practices and tools for NetScaler troubleshooting
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 5 days

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  • Germany: 2,990.- €
  • Switzerland: Fr. 3,390.-
incl. catering
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  • Pastry and Sweets
  • Fresh fruits
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Dates and Booking
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This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.
12/03/2018 - 16/03/2018 Munich
14/05/2018 - 18/05/2018 Berlin
27/08/2018 - 31/08/2018 Düsseldorf
22/10/2018 - 26/10/2018 Stuttgart
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19/03/2018 - 23/03/2018 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/Sofia
01/10/2018 - 05/10/2018 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/Nicosia
19/11/2018 - 23/11/2018 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/Ljubljana

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19/03/2018 - 23/03/2018 Sofia Course language: English
01/10/2018 - 05/10/2018 Nicosia
19/11/2018 - 23/11/2018 Ljubljana Course language: English