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Implementing Cisco Bring Your Own Device Solutions (SBYOD)

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Who should attend

  • Channel Partner / Reseller
  • Customer
  • Employee


  • Cisco CCNA Wireless certification or commensurate wireless experience recommended
  • Knowledge of basic IEEE 802.1X (recommended to take the free 802.1X E-learning on PEC before attending this training)
  • Understanding of Microsoft Active Directory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Attendance in the SWISE course, or commensurate field experience.

Course Objectives

Implementing Cisco Bring Your Own Device Solutions (Version 1.0) course is a 3-day 20 to 22-hour instructor-led course. Cisco ISE combined with the Wireless LAN Controllers (WLCs), access points (APs), Catalyst switches, and end devices provides a comprehensive end-user security solution.

Course Objectives:

  • This training extends the core ISE / BYOD knowledge that learners obtains in the SWISE course with more advanced knowledge and implementation use cases.
  • These solutions will be leveraged to control wired and wireless end-user access to corporate resources.
  • Students should already be familiar with the basic configuration of the Cisco ISE, switches, WLCs, and APs.
  • This course is based on the Cisco ISE Release 1.2, and Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Release 7.5.
  • This product training course concentrates on Cisco ISE Release 1.2 product features and functions that more advanced implementations often require.
  • This course shall provide skills that relate to Cisco ISE Release 1.2 design and configuration, including Network Access Devices (NAD) such as Cisco WLC and Cisco switches.

Course Content

  • The goal of the Cisco ADVANCED ISE IMPLEMENTATION course is to train engineers to understand and configure advanced Cisco ISE Release 1.2 features using wired and wireless NADs.
  • This course will include concepts and configuration information to integrate both wired and wireless NADs.
  • Comparing the features that are built into wired and wireless NADs versus the rich feature set of Cisco ISE will ensure that learners can select and configure the appropriate product for a given scenario.
  • This course will have a wired and wireless perspective that focuses on the design and configuration requirements that are needed to authenticate and authorize a wired and wireless device such as a personally owned or corporate owned mobile device
Classroom Training
Modality: C

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Germany: 2,290.- €
  • Switzerland: Fr. 2,750.-
  • Cisco Learning Credits: 27 CLC
incl. catering
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  • Coffee, Tea, Juice, Water, Soft drinks
  • Pastry and Sweets
  • Fresh fruits
  • Lunch in a nearby restaurant

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This is a FLEX course, which is delivered both virtually and in the classroom.
26/02/2018 - 28/02/2018 Frankfurt
26/03/2018 - 28/03/2018 Hamburg
23/04/2018 - 25/04/2018 Münster
28/05/2018 - 30/05/2018 Munich
18/06/2018 - 20/06/2018 Berlin
16/07/2018 - 18/07/2018 Düsseldorf
13/08/2018 - 15/08/2018 Stuttgart
03/09/2018 - 05/09/2018 Frankfurt
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05/02/2018 - 07/02/2018 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/Sofia
14/05/2018 - 16/05/2018 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/Budapest
26/11/2018 - 28/11/2018 FLEX training This is an English language FLEX course.
Time zone: Europe/Ljubljana
28/05/2018 - 30/05/2018 Zurich
29/10/2018 - 31/10/2018 Zurich
27/08/2018 - 29/08/2018 Vienna (iTLS)

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05/02/2018 - 07/02/2018 Sofia Course language: English
14/05/2018 - 16/05/2018 Budapest Course language: English
26/11/2018 - 28/11/2018 Ljubljana Course language: English
05/03/2018 - 07/03/2018 Madrid
24/09/2018 - 26/09/2018 Madrid
Asia Pacific
03/04/2018 - 05/04/2018 Sydney
12/06/2018 - 14/06/2018 Melbourne
21/08/2018 - 23/08/2018 Sydney
30/10/2018 - 01/11/2018 Melbourne
Middle East
28/01/2018 - 30/01/2018 Doha Course language: English
Saudi Arabia
26/08/2018 - 28/08/2018 Riyadh Course language: English
United Arab Emirates
04/02/2018 - 06/02/2018 Dubai Course language: English This course is being delivered by iTLS.
20/08/2018 - 22/08/2018 Dubai Course language: English This course is being delivered by iTLS.
27/05/2018 - 29/05/2018 Cairo Course language: English
18/11/2018 - 20/11/2018 Cairo Course language: English