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CA APM 10.0 Foundations for the End User 200 (12APF2024T)

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Who should attend

  • Application Support Specialists
  • Application Analyst/Architects
  • Application Developers
  • Application Managers
  • Availability Managers


  • General familiarity with Java application servers

Course Objectives

  • To be successful, IT services and infrastructures need to be optimized so that customer satisfaction does not suffer. By employing CA Application Performance Management (CA APM), you can help ensure quality of service and quality of experience for your critical business applications to protect revenue opportunities, end-user productivity, and customer satisfaction.
  • In this course, you will be taught the essential skills and knowledge to successfully manage enterprise Java applications using CA APM. You will discover how to monitor, analyze, and report on applications and transactions throughout your IT environment so that you can quickly identify and resolve problems before they disrupt services.

Course Content

Module 1: Application Perfomance Management Using CA APM
  • Identify the features and benefits of the CA APM solution
  • Describe the components of the CA APM architecture
Module 2: Measuring EM Performance
  • Identify the basic application performance metrics
  • Identify the resource metrics
Module 3: Analyze Application Performance in the WebView
  • Monitor application performance on the Home tab
  • Analyze metrics in the Investigator
  • Trace the cause of an event with the Transaction Tracer
  • Query historical events in the Historical Event Viewer
  • Identify the cause of errors and stalls in the Live Error Viewer
  • Identify the key add-ons for analyzing application performance
Module 4: Understanding Team Center
  • Describe how real-world attributes can be applied onto complex application relationships to minimize the "spaghetti" that you see in typical application topology maps
Module 5: Diagnose Application Performance Problems
  • Manage incidents
  • Diagnose consistent problems
  • Diagnose progressive problems
  • Diagnose sudden problems
  • Diagnose periodic problems
Module 6: Organize Monitoring Configuration Using Mgmt Modules
  • Identify the elements of a management module
  • Create a management module
Module 7: Create Metric Groups
  • Identify the features of metric groupings
  • Create a metric grouping
Module 8: Create Actions and Alerts
  • Create simple alerts
  • Configure alerts for the Application Triage Map
  • Create summary alerts
  • Create actions
  • Create Alert Downtime Schedules
Module 9: Create Customized Dashboards
  • Identify the features of dashboards
  • Create a dashboard
Module 10: Application Performance Reporting
  • Identify the advantages and drawbacks of CA APM reporting
  • Create a Report
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Modality: G

Duration 3 days

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  • Germany: 1,611.- €
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  • Germany: 1,611.- €
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