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CA API Developer Portal v3.0: Foundations 200 (04LSV20151)

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Who should attend

  • IT Facility Coordinator
  • IT Security Manager
  • IT Infrastructure Administrator/Engineer


  • 04LSV10060: CA API Technical Overview
  • 04LSV20121: CA API Gateway 8.2: Foundations 200
  • 04LSV20161: CA Mobile API Gateway 2.x: Foundations 200

Course Objectives

  • How to install and configure CA API Developer Portal
  • How to integrate the Developer Portal with an existing API Gateway implementation
  • How to execute internal roles and tasks to enable developers
  • How to manage external roles and ensure a developer can use your Portal effectively and easily
  • How to use reporting and analytics to manage usage of APIs and applications

Course Content

This course aims to provide you with a functional understanding of the CA API Developer Portal product. You will follow a fictitious company, Voonair Airlines, as they add the Developer Portal to their existing CA API Gateway environment. Voonair Airlines needs a centralized hub to manage their APIs and to begin creating mobile applications for their customers. You will follow along as if you were an employee of Voonair Airlines to install, configure and integrate the Portal. You will then view the Portal from an external role of a developer as you register for the web site and begin to create new and innovative applications.

Your ability to understand concepts around common IT infrastructure and Linux virtual machines as well as using relational databases is essential to the success of this course. In addition, you should possess a functional understanding of the CA API Gateway itself and a working knowledge of editing policies within the policy manager. Finally, a strong background in web services, application servers and internetworking concepts will help provide a foundation of learning.

Module 1 – Install and Configure CA API Developer Portal
  • Prepare a CA API Gateway for integration
  • Enable SSL with mutual authentication
  • Configure a CA API Developer Portal appliance
  • Access the Content Management System to configure the Portal
  • Schedule a data sync between the Gateway and the Developer Portal
Module 2 – CA API Developer Portal Internal Roles and Tasks
  • Execute Administrative and API Owner Tasks
  • Execute Business Manager and Account Manager Tasks
  • Use the Web Administrator account to rebrand the Portal
  • Set up developer forums for discussion, communication, and innovation
Module 3 – CA API Developer Portal External Roles and Tasks
  • Execute tasks as a Developer or Organization Administrator
  • Use the API Explorer
  • Access the reporting features of the product
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