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XDK embedded development (XDK-B104)


Course Overview

This seminar teaches expert knowledge for advanced programmers on the Cross-Domain-Development Kit XDK110 by Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions. The Bosch XDK110 combines modern digital MEMS sensors and connectivity in small hardware, making it an ideal prototyping device for internet of things projects. Participants will learn the basics of the XDK sensor technology, using the freeRTOS operating system and the XDK Workbench, and the right use of XDK hardware to efficiently develop and debug custom XDK applications.

Who should attend

Advanced (C) programmers, embedded developers


Programming language C

Course Objectives

The goal of the training is to enable the participants to develop their own applications for XDK, integrate it into backend and infrastructure, and to provide knowledge on the XDK sensor technology.

Course Content

  • XDK-Hardware
  • XDK-SW-Architecture
  • XDK Workbench
  • XDK Ecosystem
  • FreeRTOS
  • Wifi
  • BLE
  • sensor technology
Online Training

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • 2,040.- €
Classroom Training

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Germany: 2,040.- €

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