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Introduction to the Production Rules Configurator (PRC-B102)


Course Overview

The training course “Introduction to the Production Rules Configurator” introduces the participants to the overall architecture, the concepts and use cases of the Production Rules Configurator. The training conveys the fundamental concepts, a comprehensive basic knowledge and some advanced aspects of the modeling and documentation of rules. This is practiced in exercises using the Rule Modeler and its most important tools, while further complimentary tools are also presented. The Production Rules Configurator monitors adherence to specified parameters in your manufacturing environment by applying custom tailored, graphically modelled rules on process or machine data or machine messages. The software detects any deviations that occur and immediately notifies the persons responsible, allowing them to take the necessary steps to keep the manufacturing process running smoothly. The training is addressed to anyone who has none or little experience with the Production Rules Configurator as well as with Visual Rules.

Who should attend

Production process experts, manufacturing IT employees, solution architects, IT employees


No prior knowledge necessary.

Course Objectives

After this training course with its exercises, participants will be able to create rules of medium complexity, test them, do basic administration of rules and assess how Production Rules Configurator or Visual Rules can be deployed efficiently in the respective business context.

Course Content

  • Basic concept of Production Rules Configurator and Business Rules Management
  • Overview of the components of Production Rules Configurator and Visual Rules
  • Introduction to the Visual Rules Modeler and usage of its tools
  • Modeling of flow rules and decision tables on descriptive / business and technical level
  • Expressions with operators and functions
  • Data elements, actions, data structures, repetition, collections and maps
  • Test, documentation, analysis and execution of the rules
  • Creating and using statistics
  • Basic administration of rules and rule dependencies
Online Training

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • 2,040.- €
Classroom Training

Duration 3 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Germany: 2,040.- €


Berlin Course language: English