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DevOps Tooling in Practice (CD-B503)


Course Overview

Since 2008, the term “agile infrastructure and culture” is brought into the field of software development and IT. In the training “DevOps Tooling in Practice“, the participants will learn about the phenomenon DevOps and the reasons for its rising character among modern development methodologies DevOps stands for a culture and a set of processes that brings development and operations closer together to deliver software not only compiled and tested but published and operated. The development and operations responsibilities are shared in one DevOps team. These processes are structured and automated using a multitude of tools and technologies. The important part is the decision for a specific technology stack for a specific DevOps environment. In this course participants will explore the different processes and tools to find the right technology stack for their use case. Instead of studying the theory, participants will jump right into practical exercises, by building their own DevOps environment from scratch using modern and proven DevOps tools. The specific seven-step toolchain will be discussed and the respective software component will be learned. In summary, the participants build their own automated DevOps environment with tools like Docker, Terraform or Nagios. Starting from basic Linux commands to automating development environment setup with vagrant, the course covers every necessary tool to live up to the high potential of the DevOps principles.

Who should attend

Software developers, architects and operators


  • Basic knowledge in the field of software development and the respective processes (mandatory)
  • Basic knowledge of the DevOps principles and processes are (would be an asset)

Course Objectives

After this training the participants will have an overview of modern DevOps tooling and have first practical experience. In addition, they will be able to build their own full DevOps environment from scratch.

Course Content

  • Basicv Unix/Linux commands
  • Container & VM management
    • setting up a development environment with Vagrant
    • orchestrating virtual machines with Terraform
    • Container baiscs with Docker
    • BOSH
  • Health Management & Monitoring
    • runtime monitoring with Monit
    • Nagios as a monitoring dashboard
    • Consul for health monitoring and service configuration
  • Installation & Test automation
    • Chef
    • Concourse
  • Server Software
    • Postgres
    • Tomcat
    • ElasticSearch,Logstash & Kibana (ELK Stack)
Online Training

Duration 2 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • 1,360.- €
Classroom Training

Duration 2 days

Price (excl. tax)
  • Germany: 1,360.- €

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