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Red Hat Linux Netzwerk und Sicherheit (RH253)

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Detailed Course Outline

Unit 1: System Performance and Security
  • Identify how concepts and well formed policy map to configuration and accountability in networking and security administration.
Unit 2: System Service Access Controls
  • Implement secure access to system and network services using host-based access, SELinux, and system services management.
Unit 3: Securing Data
  • Secure data using fundamental encryption protocols, Public Key Infrastructure, and Digital Certificates.
  • Configure and utilize encrypted remote system administration tools.
Unit 4: Network Resource Access Controls
  • Secure access to systems and services using the NetFilter kernel-level firewall.
Unit 5: Organizing Networked Systems
  • Understand and implement organized networked systems using the DNS and DHCP services.
Unit 6: Network File Sharing Services
  • Configure, control and secure access to FTP, NFS, and SMB/CIFS (Samba).
Unit 7: Web Services
  • Configure, implement and secure access to the Apache Web Server and Squid Proxy Cache.
Unit 8: Electronic Mail Services
  • Configure, implement and secure access to the Sendmail and Postfix SMTP servers.
Unit 9: Account Management
  • Understand account management using Name Switch Service and Pluggable Authentication Modules.