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Red Hat JBoss AMQ Administration (JB440)

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Detailed Course Outline

Course introduction

Introduce and review the course.

Install the broker

Install JBoss AMQ, create a broker instance, and verify connectivity to the instance.


Configure message addresses and queues.

Secure access to the broker

Configure authentication, authorization, and encryption on the broker.

Configure broker persistence

Configure zero, file-based, and database-backed persistence.

Manage broker resource consumption

Configure the broker to limit memory and other resource consumption.

Implement broker clustering, high availability, and failover

Create a scalable and highly available cluster of brokers.

Monitor and manage the broker

Monitor and manage broker resources using logging and the web console.

Route messages to brokers

Install JBoss AMQ interconnect and configure routes to brokers.

Comprehensive review of Red Hat JBoss AMQ administration

Configure Red Hat JBoss AMQ brokers and verify proper operation.


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