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OpenShift Enterprise Development (DO290)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Development Environment Review

  • Describe the developer's tools, agile practices, and deployment environment that will be utilized in this course.

Module 2: Bookstore Application Review

  • Become familiar with the course application architecture, features, and project layout.

Module 3: Introduction to OpenShift Enterprise

  • Describe the features and architecture of OpenShift Enterprise.

Module 4: Deploying Applications on OpenShift Enterprise

  • Define, build, and deploy an application on OpenShift Enterprise.

Module 5: Implementing Continuous Integration

  • Establish continuous integration with Jenkins.

Module 6: Managing OpenShift Enterprise Applications

  • Control and maintain applications using the OpenShift Enterprise command-line interface.

Module 7: Creating Complex Deployments

  • Create deployments that utilize clustering, load balancing, and customized node scheduling.

Module 8: Troubleshooting Applications

  • Use debugging and logs to troubleshoot problems with application performance or deployment issues.

Module 9: Customizing OpenShift Enterprise

  • Create custom source image containers, templates, and builders.

Module 10: Course Review

  • Practice the skills learned in this course.