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Red Hat Ceph Storage for OpenStack Technologies (CEPH130)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to storage systems, overview of Ceph, explanation of Ceph design, architecture, and components.
  • Overview of architectural requirements, role of core RADOS components, and Ceph Gateway (RADOSGW).

Module 2: Ceph block storage

  • Understand Ceph Storage Cluster (RADOS) and Ceph Snapshots.
  • Learn how to clone and cache with Ceph Block devices.

Module 3: Object storage

  • Understand and configure RADOSGW instances.

Module 4: Ceph and OpenStack

  • Identify OpenStack components and versions.

Module 5: Integrate Ceph with Glance

  • Understand, locate, and integrate Glance image storage with Ceph RBD.

Module 6: Integrate Ceph with Cinder

  • Understand, locate, and integrate Cinder with Ceph RBD.

Module 7: Ceph and RADOSGW replacing Swift

  • Learn about Keystone and Swift and integrate with RADOSGW.