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Enterprise Spring (EIS)

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Detailed Course Outline

Styles of Enterprise Integration
  • Integration Styles Pros/Cons
  • Spring Support
Tasks and Scheduling
  • Introduction to concurrency
  • Java Concurrency support
  • Spring’s Task Scheduling support
Rest Webservices
  • REST Overview
  • Using Spring’s RestTemplate for client access
  • Extending Spring MVC Controllers to implement REST
  • Out-of-container Testing
Introduction to Messaging
  • Concepts
  • Decoupling
  • Use Cases
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns
Spring JMS
  • Introduction to JMS and ActiveMQ
  • Configuring JMS resources with Spring
  • Spring’s JmsTemplate
  • Sending and receiving messages
  • Advanced features
JMS Transactions
  • Why use JMS transactions
  • Overview of transactional options
  • Transactional JMS Resources with Spring
  • Duplicate Message Handling
Global Transactions Using XA, JTA and Spring
  • Two Phase Commit and XA
  • JTA and Spring
  • Transaction Demarcation
Introduction to Spring Integration
  • Goals and concepts
  • Basics
  • External integration
Spring Integration Configuration
  • Channel types and polling
  • Synchronous vs. asynchronous handoff
  • Error handling
  • Endpoint types
  • Simplifying configuration
  • Using the DSL
Spring Integration Advanced Features
  • Splitting and aggregating
  • Dispatcher configuration
Introduction to Spring Batch
  • Batch concepts and high-Level overview
  • Job parameters and job identity
  • Quick start using Spring Batch
  • Readers, Writers & Processors
  • JDBC Item Readers
Spring Batch Restart and Recovery
  • ExecutionContext
  • Sharing state between steps
  • Intro to skip, retry, repeat and restart
  • Using Listeners
  • Business logic delegation
  • Using Java Configuration
Spring Batch Advanced
  • Scaling and parallel processing
Data Ingestion
  • Applying the principles of Spring Integration to the processing and transformation of input-data in real-time and in batch
  • Working with Streams and Jobs