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Oracle HCM Cloud: Compensation (D88697)

Detailed Course Outline

Compensation Course Overview
  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Materials and Information Sources
  • Course Schedule
Oracle Fusion HCM and Compensation Overview
  • Oracle Fusion Deployment Options
  • Introducing Key Processes and Concepts of Compensation
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Applications Help
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Role Types
  • Security Reference Implementation
  • Separation of Compensation and Total Compensation Duties by Job Role
Introduction to the Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface
  • Oracle Fusion Application User Interface (UI)
  • Simplified and Desktop UI Elements
Define Workforce Structures
  • Employment Models
Define Eligibility Profiles
  • Defining Eligibility
  • Managing Derived Factors
  • Planning and Prerequisites for Eligibility Profiles
  • Setting the Eligibility Profile Definition
  • Defining Eligibility Criteria
Define Elements, Balances and Formulas
  • Manage Fast Formulas
  • Managing Payroll Elements
  • Element Templates
  • Element Entries and Input Values
  • Element Eligibility Criteria
  • Balance Feeds
  • Element Classifications
  • Elements and the Payroll Employment Model
Define and Manage Base Pay
  • Grade Rate
  • Validating Salary Using Grade Rates
  • Progression Grade Ladders
  • Salary Terminology and Salary Basis
  • Base Pay Frequencies and Annualization Factors
  • Salary Components
  • Managing Base Pay
  • Entering and Adjusting Salaries
Define and Manage Individual Compensation
  • Actions
  • Individual Compensation Plans
  • Managing Individual Compensation and Personal Contributions
  • Managing Compensation
  • Variable Allocation Approvals
  • Introducing Compensation History
Manage Workforce Compensation Plans Overview
  • Workforce Compensation Key Features and Capabilities
  • Global Settings
  • Defining Workforce Compensation
Configure Workforce Compensation Plan Foundation
  • Manage Compensation Plans
  • Plan Details
  • Plan Eligibility
  • Plan Cycles
  • Plan Hierarchies
  • Plan Currency
  • Plan Access
  • Feedback Survey
Configure Workforce Compensation Budgets
  • Budgeting
  • Budget Page Layout
Configure Workforce Compensation Worksheets
  • Compensation Components
  • Performance Ratings
  • Approvals and Alternate Approver Hierarchies
  • Compensation Change Statements
  • Worksheet Display and Page Layout
  • Configuring Column Properties and Dynamic Columns
  • Default Worksheet Display
  • Alerts
Configure Workforce Compensation Models and Reports
  • Modeling
  • Reports
  • Report Dimensions
  • Filters
Validate Workforce Compensation Plans
  • Validating Plan Setup
  • Validation Results
  • Start Compensation Cycle Process
Manage Compensation Models and Budgets
  • Managing Compensation Models
  • Managing Budgets
Manage Workforce Compensation
  • Compensation Plans
  • Managing Compensation Plans
  • Viewing Reports and Analytics
  • Approving Worksheets
  • Generating Compensation Statements
Administer Workforce Compensation
  • Compensation Work Area
  • Global Models
  • Active Plans
  • Administering Workers
  • Administration Reports
  • Batch Process
Define Total Compensation Statements
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Compensation Items and Source Types
  • Compensation Categories
  • Statement Definitions
  • Monitoring Processes and Viewing Statements
Course Summary
  • Course Key Concepts