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R12.2 Install/Patch/Maintain Oracle E-Business Suite (D87479)

Detailed Course Outline

Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture
  • Describe the Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture
  • Describe Technology Stack and Database
  • Desktop Tier
  • Application Tier
  • Database Tier
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Utilities
Before You Install
  • Overview of Rapid Install
  • Supported Platforms and Environments
  • Database and Application Tier Sizing Guidelines
  • Prerequisites and Preparatory Tasks
  • Starting Rapid Install
Performing an Installation
  • Installation Types and Options
  • Standard Installation
  • Express Installation
After you Install
  • Required Post-Installation Steps
  • Conditional Post-Installation Steps
  • Administration and Maintenance Tasks
Environment Files, Control Scripts, and Languages
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Environment Files
  • Application Tier Service Control Scripts
  • Character Sets
  • Globalization Features
  • Language Support
Oracle E-Business Suite File System
  • Dual File System Overview
  • File System Layout
  • INST_TOP Directory Structure
  • EBSapps Directory
  • Fusion Middleware Home
  • APPL_TOP Directory Structure
  • Product Directories
  • Database Directories
Oracle E-Business Suite Database
  • Database Overview
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Database Objects and Schemas
  • Database Implementation to Support Online Patching
  • Three Types of Database Edition
  • Editioning Views and the Application Data Model
  • Database Tier Server Process Scripts and Usage
Patching Concepts
  • Patch Types and Terminology
  • Codelines and Codelevels
  • Patch Components
  • Patching Order
  • Patching Utilities
  • Command Line Patching Utilities
  • Web-based Patching Utilities
Using the adop Utility
  • Online Patching Cycle
  • Running the adop Utility
  • adop Commands
  • Executing the Patching Cycle
  • Patching in Multi-Node Environments
Patching to the Latest Code Level
  • EBS Technology Codelevel Checker (ETCC)
  • Patching Utilities to Patch Technology Components
  • Patching Order of Technology Components
  • Apply Latest AD and TXK RUPs
  • Apply Latest Oracle E-Business Suite RUP
Using Oracle Applications Manager Patching Features
  • Applied Patches Reporting Tool
  • Applied Patches Information
  • adop Modes and Applied Patches Information
  • Accessing Applied Patches Information
  • Applied Patches Reports
  • Timing Reports
Technical Configuration - AutoConfig
  • AutoConfig Tasks
  • Context Files
  • AutoConfig Operation
  • Modify the Context Files by Running AutoConfig from OAM
  • Editing AutoConfig-Managed Configuration Files
  • Restoring and Comparing Configurations
  • Running AutoConfig
  • Running AutoConfig In Test Mode
Configuring Web Application Services and Managing OHS
  • Configuration Tools
  • Getting Started With Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Getting Started With Oracle Fusion Middleware Control
  • New AutoConfig Tools for System Configuration
  • Managing Web Applications
  • Managing Classpath and JVM Arguments of a Managed Server
  • Changing the Port Number of a Managed Server
  • Managing OHS Configurations
Introduction to AD Utilities
  • Overview
  • Setting the Environment
  • AutoConfig Managed AD Utility Files
  • Command Line Arguments and Flags
  • Web-Based AD Utilities
  • Running the AD Utilities
  • Interactive and Non-interactive Processing
  • Distributed AD
AD Administration: Generate Applications Files
  • Preliminary Tasks
  • Prompts and Log Files
  • Generate Applications Files Menu
  • Generate Message Files
  • Generate Form Files
  • Generate Report Files
  • Generate Product JAR Files
AD Administration: Maintain Applications Files
  • Maintain Applications Files Menu
  • Relink Applications Programs
  • Copy Files to Destinations
  • Convert Character Set
  • Maintain Snapshot Information
  • Checking for Missing Files
AD Administration: Maintain Database Entities
  • Maintain Database Entities Menu
  • Validate APPS Schema
  • Recreate Grants and Synonyms
  • Check DUAL Table
AD Administration: Compile/Reload Database Entities
  • Compile/Reload Database Entities Menu
  • Compile APPS Schema
  • Compile Menu Information
  • Compiling Flexfield Data in AOL Tables
  • Reloading JAR Files into Database
AD Administration: Non-Interactive Operation
  • Using Defaults File with AD Administration
  • Running AD Administration in Non-Interactive Mode
AD Configuration and Management Utilities
  • AD Controller Overview
  • Worker Status Flow
  • Shutting Down Managers
  • AD Relink Overview
  • AD Splicer Overview
  • File Character Set Converter
Reporting Utilities
  • AD Configuration
  • AD File Identification
  • AD Job Timing Report
Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Principles and Terminology
  • Cloning Scenarios
  • Prerequisite Steps
  • Cloning Steps
  • Finishing Tasks
  • Refreshing a Target System
  • Cloning Multi-Node Systems