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Taleo (TBE): Recruit Essentials (D85677)

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Detailed Course Outline

Reviewing the Basics of Taleo Recruit
  • Logging into Taleo Recruit
  • Navigating Taleo Recruit
  • Reviewing Personal Settings for Taleo Recruit
Creating a Requisition
  • Identifying Requisition Statuses
  • Creating a Requisition with a Job Template
  • Routing a Requisition for Approval
  • Utilizing the Active Hire Controls
  • Setting the Posting Options for a Requisition
Approving and Posting a Requisition
  • Approving a Requisition While Logged into Taleo
  • Viewing a Posted Requisition
Managing Candidates
  • Identifying the Information in a Candidate's Record
  • Reviewing Candidates Submitted to a Requisition
  • Taking Action on Multiple Candidates
  • Manually Adding a Candidate (In Progress)
Moving Candidates through the Hiring Process
  • Moving a Candidate through the Hiring Process
  • Rejecting a Candidate from a Requisition
  • Filling a Requisition
  • Updating Non-Hired Candidate Statuses
Cloning and Editing Requisitions and Adding Questions
  • Cloning and Editing a Requisition
  • Attaching Questions
  • Creating Questions
  • Adding Answers with Ranking, ACE, and Knock-Out Options
Working with Candidates
  • Reviewing the Candidate Experience
  • Reviewing the Candidate Record
Sourcing Candidates
  • Running a Quick Search
  • Running an Advanced Search
  • Submitting a Candidate to a Requisition
  • Importing a Candidate Resume
  • Utilizing the Taleo Outlook Plug-In (Optional)
Running Reports
  • Navigating Taleo Reports
  • Marking Favorite Reports
  • Running BI Reports
  • Using the Interactive Viewer
  • Utilizing Notifications
  • Using Reports History
Creating Candidate Email Templates
  • Creating a Candidate Email Template
  • Sending Email to a Group of Candidates

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