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Java Performance Tuning with Mission Control and Flight Recorder (D82344)

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Detailed Course Outline

Course Overview
  • Introduce course
Java Virtual Machine and Performance Overview
  • JVM Overview
  • What is Performance?
  • Performance Methodology
The JVM and Java Garbage Collection
  • HotSpot GC Basics
  • The GC Aging Process
  • G1 GC
Java Garbage Collectors
  • Garbage Collecting Algorithms
  • Types of GC Collectors
  • JVM Ergonomics
Command Line JVM Monitoring
  • GC Monitoring Options
  • JIT Monitoring Options
Mission Control and JVM Monitoring Tools
  • Monitoring with VisualVM
  • Monitoring with Mission Control
Java Flight Recorder
  • Creating Flight Recordings
  • Analyze a Flight Recording
Monitoring Operating System Performance
  • Monitoring CPU Usage
  • Monitoring Memory Usage
  • Monitoring Network I/O
  • Monitoring Disk I/O
  • Monitoring Processes
Performance Profiling Tools
  • Overview of Profiling Tools
  • CPU Profiling
  • Heap Profiling
Troubleshooting Performance Issues by Profiling
  • Memory Leak Profiling
  • Detecting Memory leaks
  • Dectecting Contention and Locking Issues
Garbage Collection Tuning
  • Tuning with Serial GC
  • Tuning with Parallel GC
  • Tuning with Concurrent GC
  • Tuning with G1 GC
Language Level Concerns and Garbage Collection
  • Object Allocation
  • Working with Large Objects
  • Explicit Garbage Collection
  • Finalizers
  • Memory Leak Detection Tools
  • Object References

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