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Taleo (TEE): Advanced Recruiting Configuration (REC-SA201) (D77550)

Detailed Course Outline

Requisition Wizard
  • Analyze Requisition Wizard Combinations
  • Configure the Requisition Wizard
Matching Criteria
  • Describe Candidate/Requisition Matching Contexts
  • Locate the Matching Criteria Settings
  • Configure Matching Criteria for Each Context
  • Social Sourcing
Skills Administration
  • Identify Types of Skills Assessments
  • Configure Simple and Detailed Skills Assessments
  • Discuss Impacts of Using Assessments
  • Set Skills User Permissions
Advanced Search
  • Describe Default Search Form
  • Modify User Permissions for Advanced Search
  • Modify the Advanced Search Form
  • Discuss Archiving Search Results
  • Activate Search Randomization
Automated Tasks
  • Describe Automated Tasks
  • Access Existing Automated Tasks
  • Create New Automated Tasks
Candidate Merge
  • Describe the Merge Process
  • Identify Merge Permissions
  • Describe Manual Candidate Rebuild Process
Merge Forms
  • Describe the Merge Forms Function
  • Create a PDF Form
  • Upload a PDF Form
Offer Management
  • Create New Offer Fields
  • Modify Offer Form
  • Identify Offer Settings
  • Verify User Type Offer Permissions
  • Activate the Extend More Offers than Available Positions Option