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Oracle Financials Cloud: Assets Fundamentals (D101324)

Detailed Course Outline

Overview of Assets Fundamentals
  • Oracle Cloud Implementation Resources
  • Using Oracle Help Center
  • Understanding Assets
  • Examining Assets Tasks, Reports, and Inquiry
Introducing Oracle Fusion Navigation
  • Examining Simplified Navigation
  • Discussing User Interface and Dashboards
  • Reviewing Tasks and Search Panel Tabs
  • Explaining Infolets Versus Infotiles
Introducing Functional Setup Manager
  • Reviewing Offerings, Functional Areas, and Features
  • Browsing and Configuring Options
  • Using Implementation Projects
  • Exporting and Importing Processes
Overview of Security
  • Understanding the Oracle Security Model
  • Discussing the Security Console
  • Examining Changes to the Common Security Features
Configuring Assets
  • Implementing Assets
  • Discussing Asset Configuration
  • Configuring Assets Key Flexfields
  • Implementing Asset Locations
Managing Asset Books and Categories
  • Implementing Asset Books
  • Using Ledgers, Subledgers, and Business Units
  • Discussing Reference Data Sharing
  • Configuring Asset Categories
  • Defining Depreciation Rules
  • Using Profile Options and Lookups
  • Reveiwing Descriptive Flexfields
Adding Assets
  • Understanding Asset Infotiles
  • Creating Assets from Payables
  • Reveiwing Assets Landing page
  • Adding Assets Manually
  • Examining Accumulated Depreciation
  • Using Spreadsheets
  • Running Mass Additions
  • Using Leases
Adjusting Assets
  • Reviewing Adjustments Infotiles
  • Creating Mass Transactions
  • Using Asset Transfers
  • Performing Mass Category Change
  • Reviewing Financial Transactions
Depreciating Assets
  • Reviewing Depreciation Infotiles
  • Implementing Depreciation Rules
  • Running Depreciation
  • Discussing Depreciation Forecasts What If Analysis
Retiring Assets
  • Explaining Mass Asset Retirements and Reinstatements
  • Posting Online Asset Transactions
Accounting and Reporting on Assets
  • Creating Accounting
  • Entering Journal Entries
  • Performing Subledger Accounting
  • Reviewing Online Inquiry and Reporting
  • Discussing Standard Reports
Using Tax Books
  • Creating Tax Books
  • Performing Initial and Periodic Mass Copy
  • Examining Deferred Depreciation
  • Adding CIP Assets to Tax Books
Appendix A: Listing of Reports and Event Classes
  • Understanding Assets Reports
  • Describing Assets Accounting Event Model and Classes
Appendix B: Common Application Topics
  • Understanding Oracle Social Network Objects
  • Configuring Key and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Using Lookups and Profile Options
  • Defining Attachments

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