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Principles and Best Practices for Adopting Cloud (D101142)

Detailed Course Outline

Part One Introduction
  • The Journey to Cloud
  • Your Role in Their Journey to Cloud
  • The Simplified Workflow for Getting to Cloud
  • Deciding an Approach with the Seven R’s
IT Estate Stocktake
  • How to Perform an IT Estate Stocktake?
  • On-Premises Application Anatomy
  • Categorizing Applications by Their Anatomy
  • On-Premises and Cloud Applications Comparative Anatomy
Choose a Candidate System
  • How to Choose a Candidate System?
  • The Six Selection Criteria
  • Assessing the Six Selection Criteria
  • Choosing by Business Capability
  • Business Capability Components and Their Modules
Workload Analysis
  • How to Conduct a Workload Analysis?
  • What Does a Workload Analysis Look Like?
  • Workload Analysis Hypothetical
Decide an Approach
  • The Seven R’s
  • How to Decide an Approach?
  • The Four Destination Criteria
  • Deciding an Approach for Systems of Record
  • Deciding an Approach for Systems of Differentiation
  • Deciding an Approach for Systems of Innovation
  • One Origin, Two Destinations
  • Same Anatomy, Different Approach
  • Networking on Cloud
  • Access the Cloud: Internet
  • Access the Cloud: Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Access the Cloud: FastConnect
  • Access the Cloud: DNS
  • Access the Cloud: Load Balancing
  • Access Between Instances on Cloud: Shared Network, IP Networks
  • Meeting Connectivity Requirements
Storage on Cloud
  • Types of Storage: Block Storage , Object Storage, Object Storage Classes
  • Preserving Your Data: Backups, Georeplication
  • Moving Your Data to Cloud
  • Security Considerations on Cloud
  • Security Incident Management
  • Security Lists and Security Rules in Oracle Cloud Services
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Federated Single Sign-On for Authentication
  • OAuth for Authorization
  • OAuth Workflows
  • What Is Rehosting?
  • Why Rehost?
  • How to Rehost?
Rebuild, Revise, and Refactor
  • Migration Strategies
  • Refactor for the Cloud
  • Oracle PaaS: Broad, Deep, Integrated
Replace with the Cloud
  • Investment Approach: Replace
  • Oracle Cloud SaaS: Something for Everybody
  • Replace with SaaS
  • Replacement Process
  • Investment Approach: Rebuild
  • Create Customizations for SaaS with PaaS
  • Complete, Modern Suite of Cloud Applications
Maximum Availability Architecture
  • How Do I Implement Maximum Availability Architecture?
  • Oracle MAA and the Cloud
  • Oracle MAA Reference Architectures
  • Using MAA to Transition to the Cloud
  • On-Premises Backup to the Cloud
  • On-Premises Disaster Recovery to the Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery to Oracle Cloud
  • Disaster Recovery Within Oracle Cloud
Remaining On-Premises
  • What Is Remaining On-Premises?
  • Why Remain On-Premises?
  • How to Remain On-Premises?
Retiring an Application
  • Why Retire an Application?
  • How to Retire an Application
Monitoring the Cloud
  • How to Monitor the Cloud?
  • Reduce Outages and Errors
  • Monitor and Scale On-Line Services
  • End-User Experience and Performance Monitoring
  • Use Machine Learning for IT Operations Data
  • International Aid Financing Firm
  • Air Transport IT and Comms
  • Merging Corporations
  • Parcel Delivery Business
  • State Government Parks Department
  • Public Sector Company
  • Satellite TV Broadcaster