OnCommand Insight: Intelligent Operation (OCIIO) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: visualizing Your Data Infrastructure

  • Insight and resource asset pages
  • Queries, dashboards and widgets
  • Annotations and queries

Module 2: Data Path management and Policies

  • The Insight Java UI
  • Configuration of Data Path policies
  • Tools for Data path analysis
  • Configuration of policy alerts

Module 3: Performance Policy Creation, Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Buffer-to-buffer credit monitoring
  • Performance policies
  • Performance policy setup
  • Detection of slow-drain devices

Module 4: Virtual Resource Management and Tools for Root Cause Analysis

  • Management of virutal resources
  • Applications, VMs and correlational analysis
  • Drilling down: root cause analysis

Module 5: Application Infrastructure Monitoring and the Anomaly Detection Engine

  • Creation of application assets
  • The anomaly detection engine

Module 6: Ethernet Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • Ethernet monitoring unit
  • Monitoring ethernet workloads

Module 7: Integrating New Resources

  • Data sources
  • Custom data collectors
  • Device resolution


  • Creating a query-based dashboard
  • Using queries, annotations, annotation rules and dashboards
  • Creating a storage daily operations dashboard
  • Analyzing SAN path violations
  • Adjusting violation policy threshold settings and configuring violation notifications
  • Using anomaly detection to examine application performance degradation
  • Using object correlation to determine the root cause of application performance degradation
  • Examining anomaly detection as a mechanism to reduce violations.
  • Using anomaly scores for perfomance analysis
  • Performing root cause analysis of a poorly performing NFS client