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Administering IBM Web Content Manager 8.0 (WPL44G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Unit 1: Overview of WebSphere Portal and IBM Web Content Manager

  • Introduction to Web Content Manager terminology and concepts
  • Architecture: Overview of the stack
  • Architecture: How WebSphere Portal and Web Content Manager work together
  • Explanation of WebSphere Portal capability as compared to Web Content Manager

Unit 2: Overview of IBM Web Content Manager server environments

  • Review of various network environments (testing, staging, and production/delivery)
  • High availability considerations

Unit 3: Authoring environment

  • What is the authoring environment?
  • An overview of the "home pages" that are ready for immediate use.
  • Site area templates that allow administrators to control the type of items that can be added.
  • Using the out-of-the box authoring portlet
  • Customizing the authoring environment to improve the author experience
  • Comparison of out-of-the box RTE and the Ephox RTE
  • Access control and users and groups

Unit 4: Delivery environment

  • What is the delivery environment
  • Review of considerations for delivery in a clustered topology
  • Access control and users and groups

Unit 5: Syndication

  • What is syndication?
  • Manual and automatic syndication
  • What is not handled via syndication?
  • Cloning compared to syndication

Unit 6:Cache

  • What is cache?
  • Cache options for Web Content Manager
  • Limitations of options
  • Cache best practices

Unit 7: Performance

  • Performance considerations
  • Hardware, network, disk space, and so on
  • Tuning steps
  • Database tuning

Unit 8: Maintenance

  • Review available tools, when to use them and potential impacts. Tools include:
  • MemberFixer
  • Workflow update tool
  • IBM Support Assistant
  • Clear versions (Auditing impact)
  • Clear history (Auditing impact)
  • Check database disk space to ensure there is enough space
  • Logs
  • Note errors and act upon them
  • Where to find updates: Fix Central
  • Where to look for help: Support Portal
  • Library export

Unit 9: Backup and Recovery

  • Backup and recovery
  • Required third party applications (LDAP, Analytics, and so on)

Unit 10: Migration

  • Overview of the process - what does the Web Content Manager Administrator need to plan for?
  • What is migrated in the base portal migration
  • Additional steps for migrating Web Content Manager