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IBM Integration Bus V10 System Administration (WM646G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Course introduction IBM Integration Bus overview Product installation, configuration, and security planning Exercise: Integration node setup and customization Connecting to IBM MQ Exercise: Connecting to IBM MQ Administration in the IBM Integration Toolkit Exercise: Using the IBM Integration Toolkit Administration basics Exercise: Administering the IBM Integration Bus runtime components Implementing IBM Integration Bus administration security Exercise: Using file-based security to control administration access Exercise: Using queue-based security to control administration access Implementing IBM Integration Bus message flow security Administering web services and web service security Exercise: Implementing web services and web services security Diagnosing problems Exercise: Using problem diagnosis tools Exercise: Identifying runtime problems Monitoring the integration node and message flow performance Publish/subscribe implementation overview Exercise: Viewing runtime statistics Configuring IBM Integration Bus for high availability Exercise: Administering workload management policies Monitoring, recording, and replaying message flow events Exercise: Recording and replaying message flow data Extending IBM Integration Bus Course summary