Managing Decisions in IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9 (WB401G) – Outline

Detailed Course Outline

Course introductionIntroducing IBM Operational Decision Manager V8.9Exercise: Operational Decision Manager in actionModeling for business rulesExercise: Building the model on paperExercise: Implementing the modelUnderstanding decision servicesExercise: Setting up a decision serviceWorking with the BOMExercise: Working with the BOMIntroducing Decision CenterExercise: Exploring the Decision Center Business consoleIntroducing rule authoringExercise: Understanding the case studyDiscovering and analyzing rulesExercise: Discovering rulesExercise: Analyzing rulesWorking with conditions in rulesExercise: Working with conditions in rulesWorking with definitions in rulesExercise: Working with definitions in rulesWriting complete rulesExercise: Writing complete rulesAuthoring decision tablesExercise: Authoring decision tablesExercise: Authoring rules: Putting it all togetherRunning tests and simulationsExercise: Running tests and simulations in the Business consoleWorking with Decision Center administrative toolsExercise: Working with management features in Decision CenterExercise: Managing user access in Decision CenterIntroducing decision governanceExercise: Working with the decision governance frameworkCourse summary