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Informix 12.10 Database Administration (IX223G)

Detailed Course Outline

Unit 1 - Creating databases and tables• Databases• Tables• DBSCHEMA, ONCHECK, and ONSTAT• SysmasterUnit 2 - Altering and deleting databases and tables• ALTER• Data space reclamation• Renaming• DroppingUnit 3 - Creating, altering, and dropping indexes• Indexes• Sysmaster• Forest of treesUnit 4 - Managing and maintaining indexes• Benefits and costs• Guidelines• Calculating sizeUnit 5 - Table and index partitioning• Fragmentation• Distribution schemes• SysmasterUnit 6 - Maintaining table and index partitioning• ALTER FRAGMENTUnit 7 - Cost-based query optimizer• Access plan• Join methods• EXPLAIN• ScansUnit 8 - Updating statistics and data distributions• UPDATE STATISTICS• Distribution information• Process• Updating statisticsUnit 9 - Managing the optimizer• Optimization options• DirectivesUnit 10 - Referential and entity integrity• Integrity• ConstraintsUnit 11 - Managing constraints• Transaction modes• Dropping a constraintUnit 12 - Modes and violations detection• Object modes• Disabling an object• Recording violations• SysmasterUnit 13 - Concurrency control• Isolation• Locks• Row versioningUnit 14 - Data security• Levels of data security• Privileges• RolesUnit 15 - Views• Working with views• WITH CHECK OPTION• SysmasterUnit 16 - Introduction to stored procedures• Stored procedures• SysmasterUnit 17 - Triggers• Working with triggers• Triggers and stored procedures• Dropping a trigger• Cursors and triggers• Triggers and constraint checking• Sysmaster• Managing triggersAppendix A - Terminology• TerminologyAppendix B - Data types• Data typesAppendix C - XML publishing• XML publishingAppendix D - Basic Text Search DataBlade Module• BTS DataBlade ModuleAppendix E - Node DataBlade Module• Node DataBlade ModuleAppendix F - Using Global Language Support• Using GLS