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IBM Cloud Object Storage - Implementation and Administration (GST11G)

Detailed Course Outline

o Day 1

Course Administration and Introduction   Unit 1: Introduction  

No Exercises

Unit 2: Planning and Architecture  

Exercise 1: Logging on to the console system Exercise 2: Testing IP connectivity in the lab environment

Unit 3: Installation and Initial Configuration

Exercise 1: Configuring the Manager Exercise 2: Configuring the Accesser Exercise 4: Accessing the system web user interface and accessing help Exercise 5: Performing the initial configuration of the system Exercise 6: Approving new devices Exercise 7: Creating a Storage Pool Exercise 8: Creating a Vault Exercise 9: Creating an Access Pool Exercise 10: Creating a User Exercise 11: Granting access to a Vault Exercise 12: Testing writing to a Vault Exercise 13: Testing reading to a Vault

o Day 2

Unit 4: Administration and Maintenance

Exercise 1: Backing up the Manager Exercise 2: Restoring the Manager Exercise 3: Upgrading the Manager   Exercise 4: Upgrading Accessers and Slicestors Exercise 5: Changing the Web User Interface and timezone preferences Exercise 6: Updating error and warning thresholds on individual Slicestors Exercise 7: Validating the upgrade

Unit 5: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

Exercise 1: Simulating the loss of a disk drive Exercise 2: Generating data Exercise 3: Reviewing the device summary and monitoring open incidents   Exercise 4: Searching the event console Exercise 5: Exploring Manager graphs Exercise 6: Resuming a disk drive Exercise 7: Monitoring the rebuilder process Exercise 8: Reviewing the Vault Summary and other Reports

Unit 6: Spectrum Protect Integration

Exercise 1: Configuring a Vault and Vault Template Exercise 2: Setting the Vault Template as the default for your system Exercise 3: Configuring the Spectrum Protect User Exercise 4: Configuring the Spectrum Protect Storage Pool Exercise 5: Configuring the default storage pool for the standard management class Exercise 6: Testing Spectrum Protect with Object Storage Exercise 7: Reviewing storage used, compression and reduplication rates