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Build Advanced Applications with IBM Datacap Insight Edition (V9.1.3) (F2630G)

Detailed Course Outline

Introduction to Datacap Insight Edition • Sign up for the IBM Cloud services

Build page layouts

Extract information with text analytics • Extract text analytics metadata •  Extract information with text analytics

Watson Natural Language Understanding integration with Datacap • Extract data with Watson Natural Language Understanding

Refine the results from data extraction • Configure Datacap to remove duplicate results

Virtual page blocks and table extraction • Create a virtual page block • Configure data extraction from tables

Data extraction from label value pairs • Configure data extraction from label value pairs

Automate decisions with Datacap and Watson Visual Recognition • Build a Visual Recognition classifier • Use a custom classifier to classify the images

Integrate Watson Natural Language Classifier with Datacap • Create a Natural Language Classifier • Use a custom Natural Language Classifier to classify the documents

IBM Content Classification integration with Datacap • Create Knowledge Bases and Decision Plans • Configure full page classification • Use Natural Language Understanding entities for classification