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IBM Case Foundation 5.2.1: Configure the workflow system (F231G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Workflow system concepts

  • What is a workflow system?
  • What is the purpose of a workflow system?
  • Workflow system components
  • Connection points
  • Isolated regions

Configure a workflow system.

  • Create a workflow system
  • Configure a workflow system
  • Workflow system properties
  • Runtime Options
  • Language Packs
  • Web Applications
  • DbExecute Connections
  • Remote Servers
  • Isolated Regions
  • Advanced workflow system properties

Configure an isolated region and region objects.

  • Create an isolated region and connection point
  • Queues, rosters and event logs
  • Application spaces
  • Roles and in-baskets
  • Verify region configuration
  • Export a region
  • Import a region

Expose data fields.

  • Workflow data fields
  • User fields
  • System data fields
  • Expose data fields
  • Expose system data fields
  • Expose user fields
  • Create application space roles
  • Create in-baskets for queues

Define indexes.

  • Purpose of indexes
  • What to consider before defining an index
  • Simple and composite indexes
  • Create an index
  • Manage indexes

Configure in-baskets and roles.

  • Use ACCE, select the LoanQueue
  • Select the in-baskets tab
  • Create the in-basket NewLoans
  • Configure the Columns and Labels
  • Create an Optional Filter, Find Customer
  • Select the In-Basket Content Tab
  • Select the Custom Attributes tab

Configure Content Navigator for workflow.

  • Purpose of a Content Navigator desktop
  • Create an IBM Content Navigator desktop
  • Configure the desktop for workflow
  • Register the process applets plug-in
  • Configure the desktop to open Process Designer and Process Tracker

Configure a web application and step processor.

  • What is a web application?
  • Web applications and isolated regions
  • Configure a web application
  • What is a step processor?
  • Types of step processors
  • Configure a step processor.


  • Solutions to Exercises.
  • Start and Stop System Components.
  • Troubleshooting