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IBM Datacap 9.0 Application Builder with FastDoc (F221G)

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Detailed Course Outline

FastDoc Capabilities Overview

  •   FastDoc Terminology
  •   FastDoc Interface
  •   FastDoc Terms
  •   Create an application from the Forms template
  •   Configure batch profiles for local batch processing and upload.
  •   Configure batch structure
  •   Configure ruleset properties
  •   Configure fingerprints
  •   Process batches in Datacap Server mode

FastDoc as a Local Capture tool

  •   FastDoc Local Batch Profiles
  •   Batch Tasks Interface
  •   Scan interface & scanning a batch
  •   Verify interface & verifying documents
  •   Add an upload task

Create an Application

  •   FastDoc application structure
  •   Create an application
  •   Taskmaster Mode
  •   FastDoc application development
  •   Data validation methods
  •   Export options
  •   Similar document formats

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