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IBM Case Manager 5.2: Solution Implementation (F219G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Volume 1:

Introduction to IBM Case Manager

  • Introduction to IBM Case Manager
  • Create and Process a Case
  • Review and Split a Case
  • Explore and Identify Parts of a Solution
  • Use Solution Design Principles
  • Create a Custom Task
  • Overview of Add-on Functions

Build a Case Manager Solution

  • Create Properties and Document Types
  • Create Roles and In-baskets
  • Create a Case Type and Task
  • Create a Workflow
  • Deploy and Test a Solution
  • Use Preconditions and Sets
  • Use Business Rules
  • Use Process Designer Integration Capabiities

Customize the Client Display

  • Create Custom Pages
  • Work with Widgets
  • Wire Events
  • Customize Properties Views

Volume 2:


  • Overview of Security Deployment
  • Work with project areas
  • Solution Security
  • Create a Security Configuration
  • Configure Target Object Store Security
  • Configure Deployed Solution Security
  • Customize a Privilege Definition
  • Use Security Proxies
  • Automate Case Security Changes
  • Additional Security Configurations

Integrated Rules

  • Why use Business Rules
  • Create a simple rule
  • Create a table-based rule
  • Create a complex text-based rule
  • Add Parameters to a rule
  • Export a rule


Volume 1: Appendix

  • Appendix
  • Solutions to Exercises

Volume 2: Appendices

Appendix for Security Unit

  • Solutions to Written Exercises

Appendix for Rules Unit

  • Knowledge Check Answers
  • Configure Business Rules
  • Start and Stop System Components
  • Troubleshooting
  • Issues and Resolutions