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Developing IBM Lotus Domino 8.5 Applications XPage Design (D8L53G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Lesson 1:XPages and Forms Architecture

  • Topic 1A: An Overview of Architectures
  • Forms-based application architecture
  • XPage application architecture
  • Topic 1B: Comparing architectures
  • Comparing Architecture
  • Planning your applications navigation
  • Comparing Available Features
  • Comparing Security Features

Lesson 2: Designing the XPage application

  • Topic 2A: Analyze the results of the comparison of architectures
  • Determining Features
  • Analyzing Requirements
  • Determine Enhancements Based on User Requirements
  • Topic 2B: Determine the Implementation Method
  • Converting the application
  • Integrating the application
  • Developing a new application

Lesson 3: User Interface Enhancements

  • Topic 3A: Styling a user interface for the application
  • Working with CSS frameworks
  • Topic 3B: Planning and implementing reusable (custom) controls
  • Topic 3C Integrating themes

Lesson 4: Enhanced Controls

  • Topic 4A: Repeat controls
  • Overview of the control
  • Comparing and contrasting with the View control
  • Implementing a repeat control
  • Topic 4B: Validation enhancements
  • Overview
  • Client-side versus Server-side
  • JavaScript converters
  • Regular Expressions
  • Active Content Filtering
  • Topic 4C: Error Management
  • Providing a graceful failure
  • Showing the error page

Lesson 5: Data Integration

  • Topic 4A: Integrating data sources
  • Applying data sources
  • Connecting multiple Domino applications
  • Topic 4B: Distinguishing the scope of the variable
  • Working with the scope of the variable

Lesson 6: Advanced Features

  • Topic 5A: Integrating workflow
  • Integrate existing agents
  • Utilizing JavaScript libraries for workflow
  • Topic 5B: Working with advanced features
  • Working with Dojo controls
  • Using the XPage event mode