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Domino 8.5 Help Desk Troubleshooting (D8L36G)

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Detailed Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introducing IBM Lotus Domino Help Desk troubleshooting

  • Gain an understanding of the types of calls you will receive
  • Use external resources to find answers
  • Perform common Lotus Domino Administrator tasks

Lesson 2: Managing the users workstation

  • Work with policies and diagnose solutions for user issues
  • Break down the Lotus Notes Client
  • Assist users with managing their Lotus Notes IDs and passwords
  • Use widgets and Live Text

Lesson 3: Managing server and database security issues

  • Diagnose server access issues
  • Determine a users effective access to a database

Lesson 4: Managing user application issues

  • Refresh or replace an application design
  • Compact a local application
  • Archive application documents
  • Diagnose problems with mail archiving policies

Lesson 5: Troubleshooting mail routing and delivery

  • Describe the components and process of mail routing
  • Respond to mail delivery failures
  • View pending and dead mail
  • Trace the path for a mail message
  • Use Lotus Protector against spam
  • Work with Lotus Notes on mobile devices

Lesson 6: Troubleshooting Lotus Notes mail issues

  • Replace the contacts design
  • Identify problems with using Directory Catalogs
  • Secure Notes mail with digital signing and encryption
  • Troubleshoot mail, calendar, and schedule delegation
  • Troubleshoot Out of Office issues
  • Work with external calendars, contacts, and meeting invitees
  • Work with iNotes®

Lesson 7: Troubleshooting replication

  • Create and encrypt an application replica
  • Set replication options
  • Use managed replicas
  • Diagnose application replication issues
  • Resolve replication conflicts

For practical, hands-on training, labs are included at the end of select lessons. To reinforce the instruction, activities or Checkpoints are included at the end of select topics within a lesson.