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Social Networking with IBM® Lotus® Connections 3.0 Workshop (CNW40G)

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Detailed Course Outline

  • Profiles: Search for and find people based on criteria such as name, organization, location, reporting structure, and interests.
  • Communities: Groups of people who share a common interest can collaborate with one another by exchanging and sharing information or interacting with one another using IBM Lotus Sametime and e-mail.
  • Blogs: Communicate with your peers or colleagues and nourish innovation.
  • Bookmarks: Save, organize, and share bookmarks; discover bookmarks qualified by others with similar interests and expertise.
  • Activities: Track your work with a dashboard; invite and share your tasks with others; and manage work items.
  • Files: Store, share and find intellectual capital utilizing social software features such as ratings, comments, and tags.
  • Wikis: Create wiki sites to collectively author documents with others; Built-in revision history makes it a snap to rollback to previous versions.
  • Home page: Customize the look and feel of your front-end and integrate other Web-based applications using iWidget framework.
  • Mobile interface: Access your services using a mobile device friendly interface that enhances usability on devices such as iPhone and Nokia s60.
  • Available development tools
  • How to deploy, configure, and use each feature of Lotus Connections
  • How to incorporate the features in existing applications and Web sites
  • How to use APIs that interact with connection features