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Information Storage and Management (MR-1CP-ISMV3)

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Detailed Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Information Storage
  • Digital data and its types
  • Information storage
  • Key characteristics of data center
  • Evolution of computing platforms
Module 2: Third Platform Technologies
  • Cloud computing and its essential characteristics
  • Cloud services and cloud deployment models
  • Big data analytics
  • Social networking and mobile computing
  • Characteristics of third platform infrastructure
  • Imperatives for third platform transformation
Module 3: Data Center Environment
  • Building blocks of a data center
  • Compute systems and compute virtualization
  • Software-defined data center
Module 4: Intelligent Storage Systems
  • Components of an intelligent storage system
  • Components, addressing, and performance of hard disk drives and solid state drives
  • RAID
  • Types of intelligent storage systems
  • Scale-up and scale-out storage architecture
Module 5: Block-based Storage System
  • Components of block-based storage system
  • Storage provisioning and storage tiering
Module 6: File-based Storage System
  • Components and architecture of NAS
  • NAS file sharing methods
  • File-level virtualization and tiering
Module 7: Object-based and Unified Storage
  • Components of object-based storage device (OSD)
  • Key features of OSD
  • Storage and retrieval process in OSD system
  • Unified storage architecture
Module 8: Software-defined Storage
  • Attributes of software-defined storage
  • Architecture of software-defined storage
  • Functions of the control plane
  • Software-defined storage extensibility
Module 9: Fibre Channel SAN
  • Software-defined networking
  • FC SAN components and architecture
  • FC SAN topologies, link aggregation, and zoning
  • Virtualization in FC SAN environment
Module 10: Internet Protocol SAN
  • iSCSI protocol, network components, and connectivity
  • Link aggregation, switch aggregation, and VLAN
  • FCIP protocol, connectivity, and configuration
Module 11: Fibre Channel over Ethernet SAN
  • Components of FCoE SAN
  • FCoE SAN connectivity
  • Converged Enhanced Ethernet
  • FCoE architecture
Module 12: Introduction to Business Continuity
  • Impact of information unavailability
  • Business continuity planning lifecycle
  • Eliminating single points of failure
  • Application resiliency
Module 13: Backup and Archive
  • Backup architecture
  • Backup targets and methods
  • Data deduplication
  • Cloud-based and mobile device backup
  • Data archive
Module 14: Replication
  • Uses of replication and its characteristics
  • Compute-based, storage-based, and network-based replication
  • Data migration
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)
Module 15: Securing the Storage Infrastructure
  • Information security goals
  • Storage security domains
  • Threats to a storage infrastructure
  • Security controls to protect a storage infrastructure
  • Governance, risk, and compliance
Module 16: Managing the Storage Infrastructure
  • Storage infrastructure management functions
  • Storage infrastructure management processes