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Deploying Cisco Service Provider Advanced Network Routing (SPADVROUTE)

Detailed Course Outline

1: Service Provider Connectivity with BGP

Learn about the different connectivity types and routing options between a service provider and a customer.

  • Defining Customer-to-Provider Connectivity Requirements
  • Connectivity Types
  • Routing Schemes
  • Addressing and AS Number Allocation
  • Connecting a Customer to a Service Provider
  • Implementing Customer Connectivity Using Static Routing
  • Connecting a Dual-Attached Customer to a Single Service Provider
  • Connecting a Multihomed Customer to Multiple Service Providers
2: Scale Service Provider Networks

Get hands on training on routing and addressing issues that may arise in a typical service provider network.

  • Scaling BGP in Service Provider Networks
  • Route Propagation
  • Scaling BGP Routing and Addressing
  • Introducing BGP Route Reflectors and Confederations
  • BGP Route Reflector
  • Design with BGP Route Reflectors
  • Implementing BGP Route Reflectors
  • BGP Confederations
  • LAB: Implement BGP Route Reflectors

3: Secure and Optimize BGP

Use BGP tools and features that are available to secure and optimize the BGP routing protocol in a service provider environment.

  • Implementing Advanced BGP Operations
  • BGP Security Options
  • BGP Optimization Options
  • LAB: Implement BGP Security Options
  • Improving BGP Convergence
  • BGP Route Dampening
  • BGP Convergence
  • BGP Timers and Intervals
  • Improving BGP Configuration Scalability
  • BGP Peer Groups
  • BGP Configuration Templates
  • LAB: Improve BGP Scalability

4: Multicast Overview

Learn about IP multicast services and the technologies that are present in IP multicasting.

  • Introducing IP Multicast
  • IP Multicast Benefits and Caveats
  • Multicast Sessions
  • IP Multicast Model
  • Defining Multicast Distribution Trees and Forwarding
  • Multicast Distribution Trees
  • Multicast Protocols Overview
  • Multicast on the LAN
  • Mapping Multicast IP Addresses to a MAC Addresses
  • Implementing IGMP
  • IGMP Snooping
  • LAB: Implement Layer 2 and Layer 3 Multicast
  • Populating the Mroute Table
  • Introducing the Mroute Table
  • Multiprotocol BGP
5: Intradomain and Interdomain Multicast Routing

Learn how to Implement intradomain and interdomain multicast routing in the service provider environment.

  • Introducing the PIM-SM Protocol
  • PIM-SM Principles and Operation
  • PIM-SM Protocol Mechanics
  • Implement PIM-SM
  • Implementing PIM-SM Enhancements
  • Source Specific Multicast
  • Bidirectional PIM
  • LAB: Implement PIM-SM Enhancements
  • Implementing Interdomain IP Multicast
  • Dynamic Interdomain IP Multicast
  • Multicast Source Discovery Protocol
  • Identifying Rendezvous Point Distribution Solutions
  • RP Distribution Solutions
  • Auto-RP
  • PIMv2 Bootstrap Router
  • Anycast RP
6: Service Provider IPv6 Transition Implementations

Review and practice IPv6 transition implementations in a typical service provider network.

  • Introducing IPv6 Services
  • IPv6 Multicast Services
  • IPv6 Multicast Listener Discovery
  • DNS and DHCPv6 in the IPv6 Networks
  • QoS Support in the IPv6 Network
  • Cisco IOS, IOS XE, and IOS XR Software IPv6 Tools
  • LAB: Implement a DHCPv6 Server with Prefix Delegation
  • LAB: Implement IPv6 Multicasting
  • Defining IPv6 Transition Mechanisms
  • Dual Stack
  • IPv6 Tunneling Mechanisms
  • LAB: Implement Tunnels for IPv6
  • Deploying IPv6 in the Service Provider Network
  • IPv6 Service Provider Deployment
  • IPv6 Broadband Access Services